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I'll post a comment with the situation, dungeon folks pick their options! And then the next big choice and the next. Should be easier than doing it all in a plurk.
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Last update: July
Learned in-game!
-Portal Creation (Stationary)
-Hammerspace I
-Liminal Manipulation I + II
-Room Creation I-III
-Dimensional Senses
-Intra-Liminal Skills
-Liminal Bridge I
-Liminal Power (x2)
-Liminal Permanence

--Network Archive Retrieval
--Psychic Protection I
--Psychic Detection I (for Asura extra senses)
--Filter Intrusion
--Psychic Bridge I
--Sensory Livestreaming
--Memory Sharing

Favor Skills
--Emperor's Mark/Favor
--Immovable Object
--Emperor's Aura

-Archetypal Oracular Knowledge (Will)
-Siren Song III (will link/make a list at some point and includes ability to compose new songs w/ Mod permission)
-Mastery of Disguise
-Eidetic Memory
-Wilderness Hunting
-Advanced Werewolf Bloodline Ulfsarkr (specialties: partial shift, strength, instincts)
-Eldritch Defense
-1920s music: single-reed instruments: includes ability to play clarinet and sax, and a working knowledge of music played in the 1920s, mostly jazz, but a little classical too
-gladiatorial combat
-Advanced Mantras (post dungeon. see link below)
-Three-Dimensional Stealth
-Tiresias Syndrome (plus S-Tech: Instant Clean/Abrupt Makeover)
-Sensory Conditioning
-Eagle Vision
-Musical Proficiency: Guitar

Pre-game skills and abilities
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This post is for any comments, questions or concerns regarding my play of Lupa in [community profile] synodiporia. I don't screen unless requested, but Anon is enabled, and IP logging is off.

Additionally, if you'd like to plot and would prefer to do it here you can!

Also, below the cut is records, for easy cataloging and access:
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[Player Info]
Name: Bear
Timezone: EST
Contact: I no longer have aim, but I do have a plurk [ profile] naturalcyber and a gmail (realisticfakefish). PMs to this journal also work!

[OOC Permissions]
Backtagging: Yes, of course. I work very long shifts, and tend to be exhausted and so rarely tag on work days (on the flip-side I only work part-time right now)
Threadhopping: If it's IC, by all means, go ahead!
Fourthwalling: I honestly don't think any characters will ICly know his canon, so if one would, talk with me first?
OOCly offensive subjects: There's nothing that I know I can't handle at all, but I'll edit if anything comes up.

[IC Permissions]
(In general, while Lupa is physically and mentally adult, he's also a strictly combat AI (meaning a lot of non-combat-related things/concepts got neglected in his "programming") that has been in existence for less than 2 years. Emotions are very new things for him, and while he's slowly remembering his original self/soul's life in bits and pieces, he's going to be very naive and confused about some things, especially at first.)

Hugging: His very first hug will be a confusing experience, but after that? Yes, Lupa will very much enjoy giving and receiving comforting hugs.
Kissing: Again, once he's reacquainted with the concept, chaste/familial kisses will be good, welcome things to/from those he has close CR with. Romantic kisses? He definitely doesn't have those memories yet. Be prepared for questions and confusion if going that route.
Flirting: Going to go right over his head for a while, but he won't react badly to it.
Fighting: Combat AI, so he's very, very good at fighting, but while he has developed moral objections to killing/hurting people, he's also still got very strong reflexive responses to go for the kill. Lupa won't start a fight unless someone else is being threatened/bullied, but if attacked, he will end it, swiftly, and potentially with deadly force.
Injuries: He's got a good healing spell so injuries are okay! Just talk to me OOCly first if it involves serious maiming (ie crippling injuries)
Killing: Please plan out such events OOCly in advance.


Okay, Lupa is an obligate cannibal with the potential to go completely feral and out of control and attack anything in his path with intent to viciously maim, kill, and possibly eat. If that or anything along those lines is something you as a player don't want to deal with, comment here with the characters you play, and I will avoid those subjects with your characters! Likewise, if it's not a complete no-go territory, but specific details/descriptions may also be a problem, let me know! Comments screened for privacy.


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